WA5C’s is dedicated to serving those Houstonians that are facing the greatest threat to their sustainability and development.



Helping Houston’s Most Vulnerable




WA5C's has sought to directly impact the lives of both families and individuals that suffer from socioeconomic despair. Theologian Howard Thurman states that “modern life has too often been secured by a ruthless use of power applied to weak and defenseless peoples.” (Jesus and the Disinherited, 1976).

According to the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation [2016], the poverty rate for African Americans (23%) is nearly two-thirds higher than that of Anglo Americans (8%),
and slightly higher than the rate for Latinos (21%). the essential factors that serve as contributors to this disparity are inextricably linked to housing inequities, economic disenfranchisement, high rates of unemployment, poverty, and education inequalities. Our mission seeks to address four of these five disparities.

Each of our programs seeks to provide necessary services vital to build and restore a progressive community. as a supporter of WA5C's, WAICV and WATMI, your contribution helps us provide:

  • Support to families living in Transitional Housing for up to two years.

  • Safe and affordable housing to seniors desiring to age in place.

  • Support to educate women between the ages of 17 and 44 years that face the

    potential of high risk pregnancy.

  • Support to community programs that seek to improve the affordable housing stock

    within the Third Ward.

  • Support to mental health education and awareness to those communities that

    underutilize mental health treatment.

  • Programs that assist with job training/skill development, food disparity issues and

    recreation/outreach for children in need of support. 

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