In 1976, Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Houston, Texas created the Central City Comprehensive Community Center (5C’s). The purpose was to establish a Family Life Center that served minority and economically disadvantaged individuals, groups and neighborhoods by providing educational, civic, and personal development.

In 1979 the IRS designated 5C’s a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. By April 2001, the organization’s name changed to Wheeler Avenue Central City Comprehensive Community Center (WA5C’s) as it continued as the social services provider for Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. By partnering with Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church (WABC), WA5C’s has successfully revitalized the community, built consensus, and developed programs centered on filling the gaps in the community with much-needed services and policy changes.

WA5C’s has provided outreach services for the past three decades and focused its efforts in two programmatic areas that include: homeless and prenatal education. WA5C’s envisions providing resources to support communities bounded by, but not limited to, Main Street, Gulf Freeway, and Old Spanish Trail (“OST”).



WA5C’s board of directors consists of 11 dedicated members assembled across a broad spectrum of industry, commerce, legal, medical, educational and professional sectors.

Jacqueline Preston, Chair

Maurice Carr, Treasurer

CoWanda White, Secretary

Dr. Dawn Lord

The Honorable Audrey Cosby

Lucy H. Anderson

Charlotte K. Bryant

Paul Charles

Diedra Fontaine

Rev. Donnie Williams

Tiffany Brown



Wheeler Avenue 5C’s mission is to maintain and enhance an urban village by developing and managing social and human services that address the prevalent socioeconomic needs of the underserved communities.


We want to help families in Houston to reestablish themselves through programs and activities that support their long-term viability. Too often, those facing life’s difficulties lack the necessary resources that move to full independence and sustainability.