Greetings and thanks for visiting the WA5C’s (Wheeler Avenue Central City Comprehensive Community Center) website. WA5C’s is dedicated to delivering social impact and services to those facing life’s greatest challenges, some persons have been homeless or limited due to poor affordable housing options. African Americans face higher incidences of health related matters whether physical and or mental, therefore the need to provide educational and assistance resources is necessary in order to ensure that this population has improved health outcomes. As a faith community, we are mandated by Jesus Christ to ensure that we serve those who are often considered the outcast and disinherited of society.

We take this obligation seriously and are led by two visionary leaders Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby, Senior Pastor Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church and  Pastor Emeritus Rev. William A. Lawson. We cannot provide the necessary resources to combat homelessness, housing, and social programs without your support. Will you make an effort to provide a tangible contribution to our Sustainable Funding Campaign or our Capital Campaign?

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